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How the preceding, nothing contained herein shall be construed to prohibit individually contacting the membership, or any part thereof, of any public body for the aim of ascertaining a member’s position concerning the transaction of public enterprise, whether such contact is finished in individual, by phone or by digital communication, offered the connection is made on the basis that does not constitute a gathering as defined on this chapter or ii the Home of Delegates or the Senate of Virginia from adopting rules referring to the casting of votes by members of standing committees. A. Except in any other case particularly supplied by legislation, no voice of any sort of the membership, or any half thereof, of any public physique shall be taken to authorize the transaction of any general business other than a vote taken at a meeting carried out by the provisions of this chapter.

If participation is authorized under subdivision 3, the public physique shall also embrace in its minutes the fact that the member participated via electronic communication means because of the distance between the member’s principal residence and the assembly location. If participation is permitted under subdivision 4, the general public physique shall additionally embody in its minutes the particular nature of the non-public matter cited by the member. Any public form that creates a committee, subcommittee, or different entity nonetheless designated of the general public body to carry out delegated features of the public figure or to advise the available public body may adopt a coverage on behalf of its committee, subcommittee, or different entity that shall apply to the committee, subcommittee, or other entity’s use of individual remote participation and all-digital public conferences.

Before a public physique makes use of all-virtual public conferences as described in 222bet subsection C or allows members to make use of remote participation as described in subsection B, the general body shall first adopt a policy, by recorded vote at a public assembly, that shall be utilized strictly and uniformly, without exception, to the entire membership and without regard to the id of the member requesting remote participation or the issues that shall be considered or voted on the assembly. If participation is accepted under subdivision 1 or 2, the public body shall additionally include in its minutes the fact that the member participated by digital communication means resulting from a short-term or permanent incapacity or other medical condition that prevented the member’s bodily attendance or ii family member’s medical condition that required the member to offer care for a such household member, thereby avoiding the member’s physical attendance.